Monday, October 3, 2011

Luigi and Leah

Daddies are so creative and silly especially when it comes to electrical tape and their children.

Baby's First Tats

Here is our precious little man with a precious new tattoo he received at the school family picnic. I'm sure he picked it out himself.

Monday, June 27, 2011

2.75 going on 15...

We sure love summer! Sprinklers and bike riding are taking up a lot of our home time! But, never is she too busy to talk on the phone.....

SOOOO big!

Bryce has hit the 9 month milestone! He is doing marvelously! He is crawling, pulling himself up and starting to respond to common phrases such as 'So big'. We have his 9 month well-child this week and I am interested to see what percentile he fits into.
He says "ma ma ma ma ma" which I am sure is translated to Mom, I love you....We sure love him!

He Is Risen!

Easter, 2011. The kids were dressed to the nines even though I wasn't able to get a good shot of them both looking at the camera together while smiling, they still were cute!

My parents gave each of the Okkema grandkids a balloon to signify Jesus rising from the dead. The balloons were a big hit - as well as Easter Eggs full of candy!

Then, later in the evening the Gonzalez family came to our house and we were visited by a special friend....the Easter Bunny!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring 2011

The VB's have been pretty much holed up in hybernation mode this winter. We've had some illness and trying to prevent illness...however...we didn't forget to take pictures!!
This picture of Bryce trying to eat his foot was a while ago, but too cute not to post.

The little guy has learned and mastered sitting on his own. He's taken a few tumbles face first, but he's learning that's not in his best interest.

Bryce is also eating at least 1 fruit or veggie a day and is really enjoying solids! He is also

really growing FAST!!

Last Saturday evening was such nice weather we were able to take our first bike ride as a family of 4. Rick was able to put the trailer behind his bike and Leah also has a bike looked pretty cute with him riding toting both the kids behind him. I was perfectly ok with just trying to keep up!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

B - 4 Months!

We're surviving winter so far....having lots of fun Bryce is learning many new tricks lately. He can roll from his back to front AND front to back. He enjoys sitting in his Bumbo even though he spits up about every time he does. He feels like he is part of the team and enjoys helping me make his bottles before school in the morning from his Bumbo.
We also have gotten the exer-saucer out. Apparentely, in this picture, Bryce thought it was going to take off at top speed...notice the grip he has on the toy.

And of course, Big Sister Leah, the great helper that she is, wanted to make sure the exer-saucer was SAFE for her little brother and had to test it out for him. She now gets a "mime-out" if she is found playing in it.

Leah is also enjoying potty training her babies. Here this picture shows her 'white baby' taking a turn on the potty. She tells them "good-bob" when they're all done while nodding vigorously! It's funny to watch her interpret how she see's me!! She is doing a great job telling us when she needs to go and has had many successful trips but I feel as though we're not very close to big girl pants yet...a few more weeks of good practice may do the trick!

Our little rockstar, Bryce turned 4 months old yesterday. It's so hard to believe. He is laughing and squealing and singing a lot of the time that he is awake now.

We went for our 4 month wellness checkup this week and his stats are firmly in the 50th percentile. 15 lbs, 3 oz. We are very thankful for his development and health!!